Environmental Impact Statement

DEFLECTA® is Australia’s leading supplier and applicator of products engineered to deliver concrete moisture protection, concrete surface hardeners and mould protection to cementitious grout.

Microbiological Risk Management (MRM) is the primary function of


Policy And Guidelines

DEFLECTA® complies with all current State Government and Territories Environmental Protection Authority guidelines.

The DEFLECTA® team and its business partners are totally committed to ensure by its endeavors, that all products used are designed to minimise damage to the global environment.

In addition to environmental consideration, we provide concrete protection for all constructions. This simple value, assists the health of our citizens and nation, and provides a unique status to Australia’s food chain - local and export.

DEFLECTA® as a minimum will provide concrete protection to:

  • All facets of water storage and water pipes
  • Primary industry - Agriculture, Fisheries and Veterinary
  • Upstream food processing - Abattoirs, meat processing, milk processing, food processing, condiments, brewing and wine production etc.
  • Hospitals, health and aged care facilities

DEFLECTA® upon delivery of its MRM protection, using an aqueous penetrating silica solution (where applicable with pathogen control) to concrete, will permanently eliminate off gassing to the environment. The aqueous penetrating silica solution is VOC and CFC free.

DEFLECTA® a stand-alone, wholly owned Australian enterprise, commits itself to environmental protection, whilst at the same time doing its part in ensuring living assets are given unique supportive assistance.

Compare Our Products

Product Name Meets EPA Guidelines Water Based Manufacture Solvent Based Manufacture Toxic Materials Used ConcreteOff Gassing Eliminated Biodegradable Meet EPA Requirements Gas Emission CFC Free/VOC Free
Antimicrobial Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Stabilizer Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Repel Yes Yes No No N/A Yes N/A Yes
Moisture Suppressent Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Surface Binder Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Botony Yes Yes No No N/A Yes N/A Yes
Mould Block Yes Yes No No N/A Yes N/A Yes
Topel Yes Yes No No N/A Yes N/A Yes
Top Coat Yes Yes No No N/A Yes N/A Yes
NOTE: N/A = Not Applicable