Industry Sectors

Here are some real situations and product capabilities for Industry Sectors and with our manufacturing processes it allows us to tailor products for specific market or customer requirements.

Animal Husbandry, Equine, Avian, Piggery, Cattery & Dog Facilities

From time to time severe outbreaks of infectious diseases occur within the Animal husbandry; such as Equine, Avian Piggery, Poultry, Cattery and Dog facilities. Organisations are now receiving peace of mind that levels of infectious diseases that are harming and affecting the animals within the facilities have another level of protection against biofilm.

Car Parks, Stairwells, Loading Docks & Ramps

A clean well maintained car park inclusive of floors, walls, ceilings and stairs provides a safe parking environment for staff and visitors alike.

Cool Rooms & Freezers

As Cool Rooms and Freezers store beverages, raw and perishable foods such as dairy, meats and vegetables it is vital that the facility is kept at the highest possible standard of cleanliness for human hygiene.

Food Processing, Warehouses & Manufacturing

Warehouse, food and beverage processing and manufacturing facilities require protection for the environment were goods and materials are handled. It is necessary to provide safe and clean areas to increase productivity, maintain high levels of cleaning protocols and reduce costs where possible on labour and commercial grade cleaning products. Not only should floors be protected but walls, ceilings and columns may also require treatment.

Hospitals/Aged & Child Care

The Health Industry can have countless reasons why protecting your concrete from time of pour can assist in the prevention of concrete concerns. Don't be alarmed if your concrete hasn't been protected at the beginning, our products can be applied to concrete, new or under refurbishment.

Schools & Sports Centres

Whether it be primary, middle, secondary, TAFE or University or sporting facilities, health and safety are amongst the highest of necessity within these environments. Controlling water around walkways, maintaining quality/natural appearance and cleanliness of hygiene on concrete areas either outside or within bathroom facilities can be difficult to maintain and time consuming in keeping clean including the removal of spillages, mould and urine ingress.

Wet Areas & Toilets

Mould is one of the highest of health concerns in wet areas, whether it be on grout in showers, kitchens and laundries or on cemetitious based materials on floors, walls and ceilings in humid locations. It is increasingly difficult and time consuming in maintaining the removal of mould, mildews and fungi.

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