DEFLECTA TOPEL® is an inorganic silicon-containing material concrete treatment that increases both density and surface hardness and is hydrophobic - providing increased wear and slip resistance. This product is a densifier that penetrates and bonds with the Portland cement components of the concrete increasing abrasive resistance and damage from water. DEFLECTA TOPEL® will not alter the appearance of the concrete when applied. However, with time and wear, the slab will improve its appearance compared to an untreated slab:

  • Topel's function creates a hydrophobic slip resistant surface.

DEFLECTA TOPEL® can be applied to both interior or exterior concrete slabs in areas such as car parks, stairs and landing, driveways, paving and ramps, but not limited to.

Product Benefits:

  • Hydrophobic
  • Increased slip resistant surface
  • Prevents surface dusting
  • Increases abrasion resistance and durability
  • VOC* Low < 1 gram per litre
    Green Star Design, Green Building Council of Australia Compliant
  • VOS* Zero 
  • Easy application
  • Biodegradable water based 
  • Easy maintenance
  • High coverage rate

*VOC/VOS = Volatile Organic Compounds and Volatile Organic Solvents

DEFLECTA TOPEL® Test Results:-

  • Slip Resistance Classification P4 - Wet Pendulum Test
  • Water Contact Angle Classification - Super Hydrophobic > than 120o