Moisture Control for concrete/cementitious based materials.

Our products control moisture internally or by repelling it on the surface. This enhances the surface ready for the application of topical coatings/materials or it’s natural appearance.

Products can be applied to internal and external areas with the exception of DEFLECTA MOISTURE SUPPRESSANT® which is designed to be applied internal.


DEFLECTA STABILIZER® is a clear aqueous borne cure and seal, moisture barrier/treatment for fresh poured concrete and a moisture barrier for cured/aged concrete.

Moisture Suppressant

DEFLECTA MOISTURE SUPPRESSANT® is a clear aqueous borne internal treatment for protecting cured/aged concrete.


DEFLECTA DEPEL® is an aqueous resin silicante water repellent that seals and preserves natural stone, brick, slate, masonry and precast concrete for internal and external surfaces.