When purchasing

Ensure all information relating to your purchase is correct; always double check your postal address for the receiving of product is correct. Residential postal address, Post Office Box No. – Post Office name (if required), correct zip/post code, town/suburb/city – state or territory – country/continent; etc.


  • All National and International deliveries are contracted through Australia Post, unless the purchaser/supplier agree upon alternative arrangements prior to order placement.
  • You must pay for delivery as per shown on website prior to you or your agent entering/confirming the transaction by clicking the “Submit Payment” button.
  • Deflecta® does not accept responsibility for delivery delays caused by other persons or trades that are beyond our control
  • All buyers of product must be over the age of 16 years
  • To purchase Mould BlockTM you must register with our website
  • Our website has been designed for Best Trade and e-commerce Practice

E-commerce transactions

All e-commerce transactions are in Australian Dollars $AUS.

Submit Payment (box)

After checking all information is entered into Deflecta® online e-commerce by you, or your agent and “Submit Payment” is entered then the transaction cannot be cancelled.


Means Goods and Services Tax which is a Commonwealth of Australia legislated component of the federal government’s taxation laws.

Payment Process

A Tax Invoice is a compilation of goods purchased plus GST arriving at a Total Cost. The Tax Invoice shows GST at the applicable per-centum rate as of October 2015. If at any time GST is varied from the current 10% the variation will be applied accordingly.

Payment Method

Payment is by PayPal. If credit payment is not confirmed by your credit facilitator then the order will not be processed. Deflecta® does not guarantee it will contact or advise you that the purchase has failed.

If deemed necessary Deflecta® will seek Credit Rating information relating to the sale from its’ rating agency.

International Transactions

Excluding GST component of Payment Process above; International Transactions are in accordance with Company Management System VET-AG CMS 4166 – 2015® Items i). to xii). Inclusive.

Harmony Code: HS Code 382440

Ex- factory door despatch timing

After your purchase is approved, your e-commerce order is guaranteed to be despatched no longer than 48hours after the next business working day.

Conditional Warranty

Vet-Ag Pathogen Control P/L (ACN 068 618 931) trading as Deflecta® Crete Seals hereby warrants to you or your appointed agent that Deflecta® Mould BlockTM which we have supplied to you was in 1st class condition and delivered under conditions of Best Trade Practice when the product left our manufacturing address. It is conditional that the product is applied in accordance with issued instructions on the product label.

Business Registration – Intellectual Property – Copyright – Registered Trade Marks and Certifications

All-encompassing business registered name ®, trading name, intellectual property, copyright ©, trademarks TM and in-house certifications are wholly owned by VET-AG Pathogen Control P/L (trading as Deflecta Crete Seals) of 150 Proximity Drive: Sunshine West 3020; Victoria Australia. Any breaches or intended breaches of ownership of its rights Deflecta® will seek jurisdiction as outlined below.

Un-quarantined web links

Inwards and outwards flow of e-commerce information, Deflecta® cannot guarantee that the flow of information via un-quarantined web links is 100% secure at all times. However Deflecta® will deliver its best endeavour to keep all information it receives totally confidential. All Deflecta® staff is signatories to its global Confidentiality Agreement.