Industry Architects,
Specifiers & Buyers

With our manufacturing process and inspiration of innovation this allows us to tailor products for specific markets or customer requirements.


Deflecta have worked closely with Architects and Specifiers who have recommended products and have written specifications for the DEFLECTA® range of products.


Having well trained up to date and experienced Accredited Applicators is a valuable asset for DEFLECTA® to provide the Client with their expected quality requirements.


At any stage during the Design and Construct process is a valuable time to discuss the right products for your building/construction project.

Construction Contractors

If you are at the tender stage or about to begin a project now is the time when it would be valuable to discuss the product range available to you.

International Enquiries

DEFLECTA® has an active team that focuses on delivering Microbiological Risk Management (MRM) for food preparation, safety environments with quality products for the protection of concrete/cement-based facilities.


Client relationships are highly valuable to DEFLECTA®. Our Clients range from Sole Operators, SME's to Global Organisations who are all paramount to the DEFLECTA® organisation.