Food Processing, Warehouses & Manufacturing

Warehouse, food and beverage processing and manufacturing facilities require protection for the environment were goods and materials are handled. It is necessary to provide safe and clean areas to increase productivity, maintain high levels of cleaning protocols and reduce costs where possible on labour and commercial grade cleaning products. Not only should floors be protected but walls, ceilings and columns may also require treatment.

Our recommended products have the ability to assist these facilities in:

  • Bacteria control
  • Mould control
  • Moisture ingress
  • Slip resistance
  • Surface dust
  • Hardening the surface
  • Easy cleaning maintenance
  • Deterioration due to humidity

These products are what we would recommend (but not limited to) for concrete concerns.

DEFLECTA ANTIMICROBIAL® is government certified (APVMA approval no. 60195/56867) to kill bacteria/pathogens with a 99.99% kill rate for Golden Staph, E-coli, Listeria and Salmonella on and within the concrete matrix. It will stay active killing these bacteria/pathogens for a minimum of 5 years.

It produces a sanitised environment on the surface and within the concrete matrix with an internal moisture suppressant – the best solution for bacterial control and mould suppression.

DEFLECTA ANTIMICROBIAL® will prevent unwanted fluids entering new concrete and purging containments and odours that are held within the existing concrete matrix and a continuous sanitising process.

This assists in high infection control protocols.

DEFLECTA BOTANY® will suppress the growth of mould, mildew and fungi and reduce build-up of surface dirt and soiling over time on; grout, cemetitious material and concrete to most wet areas of high humidity and moisture ie; in particular showers, kitchens, laundries, bathrooms, food processing and warehouses.

It works at keeping the surface clean while preserving the natural appearance. Supports company/consumer hygiene requirements that reduces the vigorous cleaning protocols in both frequency and the cost of commercial grade cleaning products.

DEFLECTA MOISTURE SUPPRESSANT® is a clear aqueous born internal moisture barrier/treatment, protecting concrete for smaller applications such as office, warehouse, commercial/domestic and retail areas.

DEFLECTA SURFACE BINDER® is a water borne concrete sealer designed for use on concrete to provide a clear semi-gloss surface seal. It can be used internally for commercial or light industrial applications. HACCP Australia endorses this floor surfacing as being suitable in food processing and food handling environments in facilities that operate in accordance with the HACCP based Food Safety Programme.            

DEFLECTA STABILIZER® is a cure and seal for fresh pour concrete, in the form of a liquid that is of constant volume and enters into the voids and capillaries of the concrete matrix whilst is formulated to retain moisture and improve hydration and reduces concrete shrinkage during its cure/hydration process.

It withholds moisture by confining its mobility within the concrete matrix and because of its constant volume significantly increases compressive strengths, flexural strength and surface hardness.

DEFLECTA TOP COAT® is an inorganic liquid silica micro-surface concrete protection that increases both density and surface hardness, providing increased wear resistance and is less permeable to liquids.

DEFLECTA TOPEL® is an inorganic silicon-containing material concrete treatment that increases both density and surface hardness and is hydrophobic - providing increased wear and slip resistance. This product is a densifier that penetrates and bonds with the Portland cement components of the concrete and it becomes abrasive resistant and damage from water contaminants is reduced.  DEFLECTA TOPEL® will not alter the appearance of the concrete when applied. However, with time and wear, the slab will improve its appearance compared to an untreated slab and the concrete function will alter as a hydrophobic slip resistant surface is created.

DEFLECTA MULTI SEALER® is a system designed for use where bacteria and mould is the concern as it suppresses mould, mildew and fungi when applied over DEFLECTA ANTIMICROBIAL® to concrete, render, and plaster/putty walls. It can be used internally or externally in factories, warehouses, office buildings, and commercial/light industrial and/or retail applications.

This assists in high infection, bacteria and mould control protocols.