Multi Sealer

Multi Sealer

DEFLECTA MULTI SEALER® is a water based acrylic silica sealer designed to be used as a system; suitable for concrete, cement render and plaster/putty walls finish, requiring a coloured surface sealer with protection against mould, bacteria and yeast within a humid environment when applied over DEFLECTA ANTIMICROBIAL®.

This product can be used in hospitals, aged and child care, animal husbandry, schools, sports centres, basements, food processing and manufacturing, warehouses, inside wall and ceilings, outside walls, bathrooms and toilet blocks - and assists in high bacteria/mould/infection control protocols.

When DEFLECTA MULTI SEALER® is applied over DEFLECTA ANTIMICROBIAL® the end user has concrete protection with bacterial control. 

Product Benefits

  • Coloured surface sealer
  • Prevents surface dusting
  • UV Stable
  • High resistance to weather conditions
  • Suitable for humid and tropical locations
  • VOC*  Low < 2 grams per litre
    Green building Council of Australia Compliant
  • Green Building Council of Australia Specification max. for Interior Sealer is 65grams per litre
  • VOS* Low
  • Mould, mildew and fungi suppressant
  • Approved by HACCP International for use in food preparation areas
  • Easy application
  • Easy maintenance
  • Water based

*VOC/VOS content = Volatile Organic Compounds / Volatile Organic Solvents